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Gardens By the Bay




Been long since i update my blog! 
Ever since i started working my D90 was rotting in my Cabinet so now that i left Razer ( great place to work in btw ) , i took it out for a spin at the newly opened Gardens by the Bay . That place is really worth the 23$ . Stunningly beautiful landscapes , and not mentioning its fully air-conditioned. Pictures! 


Long exposure on the waterfall .



Misty ! The mist pop out from the tubes every 15-20 minutes! 


There is a faint rainbow near the foot of the fall 😀


My friend who was with me .






70seconds exposure with my trusty Tokina 11-16. 

Last but not least, HDR of the waterfall .

I did take more pictures, but i’m obviously not uploading them all here 😛  
Taking out my new figurines for shoots soon! Missing them already ! 
Till then 😀 


ClariS Irony ver petit

My exams are coming up, so this is an apology for the lack of updates 😀
Got my ClariS Petit Irony Ver a couple days back, so here are the pictures
(Very bias towards alice. Will do some shots of Clara when i got the time )


GSC Hitagi

Miku Append 1/8 Scaled.

Append 1/8 scaled by Max Factory.
It’s so beautiful its almost like… an art piece :’)

Oh and i caught TinTin the other day. Freaking awesome.
Skyrim time! Bye!

DM original Scaled.

Dead master Original 1/8 scaled . Ahh yomi you wonderful girl.