C80 and gumitive

C80 is over!
Gotten afew loot over the past few days through alot of sources (regretting now, cause its so easy to find them atm -.-)

Waiting for TRAkkers new released since the last comiket. Their new album, GWAVE Clubsound Project Somersault was one of my top-list-to-get in this year c80 . It didn’t disappoint me 🙂

VOIS (Voltage Of Imagination) is another must get for me, since hearing the news that Nagi is going to sing one of the song inside. Track number 8 Kleinchen 🙂
Didn’t disappoint as well. Nagi sounds extremely awesome, and the rest of the songs in the album are also just as nice.

Other albums i got were
SilverForest – 妖しき梦のラプソディー
Sound Dot
Alot misc touhou album.

And speaking of touhou, gonna try touhou13 tmr. Haha .

Last but not least, Gumi is coming out new album!
After Gumism, comes Gumitive!

Damn she look so cute in that album art. Def buying it for the limited edition poster 😀


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