VOMAS16 and Cosfest 2011.

Vomas happened a week ago i think, got most of the things i wanted from it already.
Few albums i want to highlight out, firstly is Emon new album .

Emon, is a god with luka. So no surprise there is good luka songs inside.
Milky way is a new song by him , check it out 🙂
The song i like best is undoubtedly Heart Beats feat 向日葵 .
Its a cover of the hit luka song HeartBeats by Emon last year. Amazing cover.
2nd album is by a group call APG550.
This is their second appearance in VOMAS and im really happy their debut album is so damn amazing.
As a GUMI fan, their song Nothing But, ver GUMI is really really super nice. Lost day never again is another super song in that album. Check it out.

Cosfest 2011 begin today. I never bring my camera along cause i think i don’t need it. Quite true, nothing much to take there.
Saw an awesome Deathmaster cosplayer though. Sad didn’t get a picture of that.
Got alot of small loots (Badges poster etc ) . Mostly Mami , from madoka.
Well, mami overload. So im kinda happy.

Kay end of this post. Gotta go play games 🙂
Reports and more reports tmr! Sad.

OH yes , its the 26th.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUMI. You will always be my most MOST MOST FAVORITE vocaloid.
誕生日おめでとう! ❤

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