This post is gonna be picture filled. Less words more pictures!

Celebrated Aaron’s birthday with a BENTEN CAKE! Fun stuff

Trying out Gelly’s wig. I look like some red hair Lady boss. Or say so the rest.

ZHAOHAN TURN. He dared me to wear it. He say if i wear he wear. Bad choice ZH, bad choice 🙂

Me looking like a douche in one of our ‘Hangman’ Sessions with the freshies. Had great fun!

HDR of backalley , chinatown

2nd HDR of backalley , chinatown

Drank wine today at clarke Quay!

A bokeh to end off this blogpost.
There! Roughly what happen in the past 2 months or so.
Oh , 1.5y with jas!
Maybe i will do that post later .

Finally discovered how sexyhot Nocchi actually is.


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