Worst month in 2011.

Guys, it is official.
March is the worst month for me.
Waves after waves of fucked up things hit me.
My computer getting from bad to worst. The spike level is so frequent it happened on a second basis, if i am in a game .
Now it is affecting Photoshop , Maya and other program i use often.
Open up the case to blow away some dust, still not working. Feel like thrashing it out soon. Urgh .

I am moving house soon. Have you guys move house before? Yeah sure it’s like omg so awesome. Try cleaning the windows, and then 4 hours later clean it again cause the carpenter went to drill another fucking hole on the wall. Suck? Multiply it by 3. Cause i rewipe the window every day for the past 3 days . Idk isit the stress of moving in or they are just fucked up, my parents are taking it out on me. Every fucking small thing can be used to nag at me. Today my dad got me and my brother lunch and he was all, I WORK WHOLE DAY AND I HAVE TO BUY YOU LUNCH WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT, when all i said was : “hold on let me wash my face” . Yea sure, tough job dad, driving a car and delivering lunch to us.

People around me are also pissing me off little by little. ( alot by alot for some people). Some for just being a fucking jackass in games, and others are just plain irritating in life. While some just keep stabbing me even though i warned them not to. I have my limits. And i am reaching that limit.

Got my results today, failed 3 subject and got A for 3 subjects. I can’t say i don’t deserve the fails, but it add on to my anger anyway. And certain fuckface teacher can just die for saboing your own student result just cause you don’t like them. I feel sad for my friends. Fucking cunt.

Japan earthquake . That 2 words is already self explanatory.

/rant over
K bai.

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