Japanese underground music.

Bet all of you don’t know Maltine records 🙂
Those who know, good for you!
Those who don’t , welcome to japanese underground music.
I say that cause they are not known at all. I mean apart from locally(in japan) .
Most music from them are not youtube-able, seriously rare to download and a pain in the ass to buy online.
I am here to promote cause i have been in love with Dj Yoshino aka 芳川よしの since TAMSTAR vol 0, the 3rd track which no one seems to know. (Everybody knows empty cause Nagi sang that one. pfft )
Anyway, after that i went for about a month of intense search for this dude . I mistaken him for the vocal for that song, and went around finding the wrong information. Then i found Lovely rainy day.
A true masterpiece.
And since then i have been a fan!
Yun*Chi is also a dojin singer.
I got my hand on this today.

I got this album , for a single song.


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