Kowarekake no Orgol OVA- impression

Finished Kowarekake no Orgol OVA today.
2 words – Emotion wrecker.
20 minutes of simple plot that will turn anyone into a water-tap.
Spoiler alert
Story about a guy who found a “Parent” , a type of android that human invented. The one he found was an old model .
He named it flower cause of the sunflower she holding when she was abandoned by her previous owner.
They spent their summer together, before flower ‘died’ .
Simple plot, but it touches the heart of people.
I admit i did cry a little when i realized that flower is going to ‘die’ .
This ova is really good, (since this few years nothing good really came out) .
One of the best 24mins i spent this year.
I will not hesitate to watch it again and again. (Y)
score breakdown:
5/5-> art
5/5 -> plot
5/5-> music
5/5-> being one of the most awesome OVA i ever watched in my life.

The ending song , Kowarekake no Orgol , sang by Hiromi Satou .
The lyrics matches the anime well, and the last part before the ending song came in, is just perfect.
I never felt so emotional for an OVA since 5 centimeters per second.

The ending, they show flower’s headphone together with the sunflowers. Damn sad.



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