Twelve Days of Anime [2010]ver.

Typical of otaku bloggers to come out with this idea.
Twelve Days of Anime

Basically it’s a compilation of your twelve most favorite scenes in anime. It doesn’t have to be 2010, but since im doing a 2010 version, here i go.


Episode 1 of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun.
Misaka blasting the robber running away on a car.
This is awesome. It just show her awesomeness. BADASS.


Episode 1 of Asobi ni iku yo.
Shows Aoi holding a gun .
To me, nothing beats a girl with a gun and wear specs and has a moe voice and has long hair.


Episode 2 of Baka to test to shokanju , when Akihisa announce that he is left handed.
Stupidity at its best , what more can i say. Double thumbs up.


Princess resurrection OVA
Fuga fuga fuga fuga FUGA fuga fuga fuga fuga fuga fuga , FUGA.

(Translation:Flandre holding a HUGE log to smash that half vampire thing. OP. )


Episode 7 of Arakawa Under The Bridge.
Definitely one  of the best anime this year, and pico growing flower on her head looking dead is funny as hell.

Black Rock Shooter OVA.
A scene of Yomi and Mato looking at their town.
Peaceful scene, rather than the endless fighting their other self have been doing.


Whats a top 12 list without k-on ?
Episode 24 of K-on season 2. Where the rest sang a song for Azusa.
Amazing song, amazing scene.


Episode 2 of Amagami SS .
Haruka kisses Junichi on the eyebrow .
Ok i admit im bias here, cause i like Haruka among the rest of the girls in Amagami .


Episode 7 of Ore No Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai .
Kuroneko comment to Meruru is awesome.


Episode 7 of Seitokai Yakuindomo.
This one appeal to me cause Hata is awesome, and that ‘kanon’  lens is just Op.


Episode 10 of Fortune Arterial .
Erika sucking Kohei’s blood. The best part is their love for each other is still pretty much unknown (to them) at this point and kohei just give her his blood willingly .
Oh and bad ass fireworks on this episode too.


Nothing, NOTHING, can beat the last episode of Angel Beats this year.
The last part is just horrible.
-insert Nigeria fall –
Even i cried at this .

OK, here are my 12 .
What’s yours?

Btw, the 12 is my pure opinion and it have nothing to do with you readers out there.
Hate somewhere else.

Who don’t like getting bit by a vampire when the fireworks are so pretty?



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