Full credits to the dude who took this

December is ending. 2011 incoming You guys ready? I know i am not.
2011 is probably the most challenging year i will ever face.
With gambit, imagine cup and the high chance of me failing AI.
Wish i could stay 2010 for a longer time.

To reminisce is not something i am good at. But this year is really wonderful.
Thanks to people that helped me someway or another.

To jas . Thanks for sticking with me through thick and thin, helping me out when i am in financial difficulties, and just being there for me.
2 nights ago i was really taken aback at your words. I hope you don’t mean them. Really love you and glad you are around for me. ❤

To Cheryl. You bff. We have known each other for quite some time now huh? 2 going 3 years? Time fly past real quick. Next year you are taking Olvls. You know the drill, study hard, play harder. I’m joking. Don’t overwork though. Always remember if you need a helping hand, you have this bff to rely on 🙂

To Yiting. How about that? We known each other for almost 6 years now! Thanks for sticking with me for the past 6 years. You have been a great friend. All the best for your Alvl results! I’m sure you did splendid. Hardcore leet. tsk.

To Nico. Never fail to amaze me with your stupid acts. Thanks alot bro. My programming would have been worst if you are not there for me.

To howguan. Thank you how. You have done so much for me this year. Must do more stupid things next year eh 🙂

To bestie. BESTIE! Again, another very old friend. Been 4 years ! Hope you stay happy with KY. Don’t disappoint me with another failed Long term relationship. (Or i will be really afraid to have one in the future) You know you can do it. BTW get the 50mm f.12 laaaaa unouwantit.

To the rest of the people i have not mentioned.
Thank you. Regardless of what you did, it formed the big picture of my 2010.
Lets look forward to 2011 together !


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