Hey guys!
The last few days is hectic for me , itchy fingers much.
AFA and danny choo @ lau pa sat 😀
Of course a short outing with bestie.

AFA is for tmr . I haven’t got my hands on the pics yet.
Updates on today first 😉

Pics :
edit: got my pics

Meet bestie 😀
Tools of her trade : canon 500d (miriite? )

So met up with her at compass point before going to my house for a unwrapping fest.
I recently got my hands on mugi and manaka nendo , so she wants to unwrap them, and i’m like, ” okay ” .
So anyway, more pics!

Meet mugi 😀
Meet manaka 😀
Bluetact the guitar to the amp (from azusa’s)
My extra stuff! HAHA! Messy room after we tear apart hands and legs to mix and match
After messing around with lots of crap (and nendos) , we head out to do hunt kampung buangkok . The only existing kampung left in Singapore. Google it (Y) .
But not without taking BRS out! (the far end nendo in the previous picture )
Had fun with her(sounds wrong) with black and white. Oh did i mention, today was black and white day! So most(3/4) of our pictures are in bnw 😀 . Seriously, bnw is amazing.
Anyway , peektures of brs shootout!
(rest are on fb , except 2-3 of them which im keeping it private)
Mrt to clarke quay .
Met this adorable baby on the mrt ( i asked her mom’s permission to snap)
After that, we went to explore the city area and reached lau pa sat at around 5.15 to meet the man , Danny Choo.
Met alot of new friends today, same hobby, awesome camera etc.
Dollfie, have no idea what cgm is though, but i’m sure that’s what the event’s called .https://i2.wp.com/i268.photobucket.com/albums/jj35/mvmmageboy/DSC_2949.jpg
nendos glory.
Awesome collection. The brs’s mine, the rest is , well the rest of the people’s.
The swords and leeks at the foreground are all kodomut’s. Scary guy got a box of them :O
pic to wrap it off :
Angel from angel beats

School’s tmr, gotta run.
Bye guys 😀


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