Wassap guys.
Been up and around this last few days! Almost broke my leg a couple of times due to the fucked up floor being so wet due to the rain.
Anyway, accidentally discover this band (not so new 2008 debut) when i going through youtube.
Band name is Eyes set to kill.
All i can say is, the vocal is fucking hot !!
Alexia Rodriguez <- go Google her up!
Anyway, i stumbled upon their first song, reach. In 2008. Its damn nice i swear.
There’s this comment saying ” First time i see a short hair guy screaming” i really lolled at it 😉
Which is another topic called “Stereotype” . But i’m not going to dwell on it (unless something happen that will make me to) .

Ancient isit not? I personally love the haunted feel vibes it is giving. (Y)
Check out the songs guys , awesome, really. (only if you listen to hardcore rock though) .
Or you can spam next on my song playlist till you hit it.
K off to get my pants and meet grace.
Bai 🙂


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