My blogpost count is currently 136!
That’s the bus i used to take to school! WOOOW!
-insert random musing here-
ANYWAY. I promised to update.
So i finally settled down in my new class. With a couple of existing classmates and people i already knew. Still there is this bunch of people i never talked to before in my entire life (by the looks of it, i probably won’t, unless not much choice is involved) ,so i began my sociable etiquette and start talking to (acoupleof) them. New classes, old lecturers. And by old i mean i knew them already hence they are not new, and not old as in literally old. Especially like ongd. Unity is great fun, though c# is a huge pain in the ass at times. Okay i won’t lie, most of the time.
The rest are eek . Programmings and more programmings. Siwm is interesting. I thought i won’t find much interest in siwm at all, but i was wrong. They touched on topics i (as a geek) actually researched on before and have alot , if not some, interest in. Like cyberwar hehehe.
Anyway, this sweet thing over here is up for PO today.
Gotta camp and get it , or it will be like that ayase episode all over again (gone in 10minutes)
Anyway , gtg sleep.
Ciao guys xoxo;

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