Working on my new blogskin.
Template shall remain the same, url too. Still going along with the swing theme.
Bestie helping me choose fonts now, hahaha. Thanks 😀 owe you one.
This blog will be my photoblog too. When i get Tracy. Hopefully by the end of this year.
Who’s tracy you ask?
Well here she is

Diana F+ Mr Pink edition. Sexy is she not 😉 Irony is, the model is a MR pink, and i named her a .. well, a her. LOL.
Jas getting a colette to go along with my Mr Pink. Awesome.
Time to waste money on BNW flims! Cheers!
Okay, serious note.
The reason i decide to come back blogging is
1) I am a delinquent . Not.
2) I like html. True story .
3) I got nowhere else to tell my delicious life story .
4) I need a blog for my CDS (primary reason).
5) Cool kids have blogs 8D
6) Cancel 5 .

Well, i won’t be publishing this blog though . If you happen to know and see this,
Good for you.
If not,
well, okay.
I shall say good bye here. And i will solve the one day one post bug that is happening in my blog.


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