Sunday come and go.
15mins to monday. Birthday week.
Not at all excited.
Who the fuck will be excited at self-growing-one-year-older.
Not me. That’s for sure.
Due to the amount of bullshit i have on my hands now, i shall rant, discriminate, riot in however way i like.
1) Weather
2) Internet
3) Friends
4) Money
5) Food
6) Mom
7) Dad
8) Ezlink card
9) Chinese people ( you know what i mean)
10) Non-Chinese people ( yea, that)
Go figure.
No really, it’s as obvious as hell.
Speaking of Number 9 and 10, call me racist,
I don’t give a fuck.
For one, IM chinese. Dude, im racist to myself? Get a life noob.
Im not the only one thinking of number 10, so don’t act innocent.
Ok, /end rant.

Had an awesome night tonight.
Mad Jack, Crunch and A 1.5litres of mirinda.
Yea man! And of course, 6litres worth of milk in my fridge.
Well, bye
Hitman reborn hell yea


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