Sometimes, the easiest word is the hardest to fulfill.

Ha. Its been 2 days !
So, start from 2 days ago.
I have no memory of what happen . Uhm.
So ytd was bbq and supposed nightcycling.
I have to say im angry.
Guys, when someone use his time to plan something, please give him some form of appreciation.
And not last minute fly me aeroplane.
Oh well.
BBQ went well.
Though little food we have, its enough to make us full.
Also i had fun la. So well .
Cab to my house with howhow nico and sally afterwards
I rush up take laptop and extra change of clothes and rush down again.
Sally house, same.
Me and nico went up to take their laptop.
Then off we go to howhow house.
The other 3 HON-ing while i playing metro
It Was Scary Shit.
I jump twice.
Once alarming how
Epicness. Is. Always. Epic.
Had cheese hotdogs for very very early breakfast. Like 4am
After that i fall asleep.
When i woke , howhow sleeping beside me, nico and sally gone le.
Played PS3 till 12
had Cheese Dogs for lunch ._.
And went home.
SLEEP TILL uh 8.30 i guess.
KK bai

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