Maybe we were meant not to be.
If such was our fate. I will gladly go against it .
Against all odds.

Finally school ended.
Term1 bye.
Chirstmas is coming! but since i never celebrate chirstmas its just another holiday for me.
They say orchard look splendid lor. But i think it look the same every single year ._.
Not expecting any presents, since i never get any every single year.
Swimming in the rain ytd was awesome. The feeling of rain pouring down and you being halfnaked in the pool, beat that man.
Still, thanks howhow 🙂 I really cheered up ytd.
Something made me very very very very happy ytd. That single word made my day for practically the whole month man.
Thanks to a certain someone 🙂
Now time for me to go.
Sayonara people.
Oh, happy birthday kage 🙂
Stay retarded as always


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