Seriously, even our angmo lecturer is using singlish now. Awesome(?)
Makes me wonder how time can change a person. Scary shit.
Dad just make me search through the entire movie list cus he wanna watch 2012 with mom today . Wtf noob. And due to this, i realise how fail yahoo-movie-thingy is.
Should totally pact it.
Carc is making me spamming everything in computer language. OOGP too .
I have been #include for some random shit i sprout now. Save me.
Term one most hectic week is over. Yes
It show ftw and i missed the food expo. Damn .
Free lunch D=
At least AFA is a blast.
Still i missed the 2nd day, fml. Max.
Got those stuff i wanted since long ago though.
Shirayuki failing me, the cloth(?) fell off today. Need to go sew it back myself.
Wtf at the quality .
Today was horrible. Will not talk about it.
But it has something to do with a not understanding teacher .
Tmr going howhow house
IHCI proj + slack
Well. Work then play!
Till then
Bai 😀


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