How sweet of the sun huh?
OOGP became mapling session for me and my mates.
Finish fast, and we play like 1hr of it
Well whatever. Maple is getting boring =)
My saosins and dashboard confessional has finish downloading. So has my ocean 13 movie.
Lastly not forgetting…

Yes, funeral for a friend.
My favourite rock band up to date.
And i mean rock, not those pop rock. Rock as in, songs with slight/alot screamos.
Yea.. ffaf rocks my life since 2004 when i first started them =)
And yay, new songs ftw.
Busy busy next few days. Bye kiddies.
Well Im Aware Of Your Lies
How Do You Sleep At Night
You Dream Of Wars That I Refuse To Fight
I Wont Believe The Horror That I See
Its More Than Your Poison Inside Me
I Wont Let Go, The Play Is Ready, I Wont Let Go

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