I lol’ed at this.

I got serious in life all of a sudden.
Its coming to me in a package called doom. or some sort.
And its coming fast.
Suddenly i don’t wanna live anymore. Making things simple.
I wonder whats with this sudden thought though. Scary.
Feeling all this burdens, i wanna run.
Thats what typical people would do anyway. Whats with the I WILL STAY AND DEFEND THE WORLD bullshit. Its 21st century. Get a life.
Homeworks and projects hitting on me like some crazy chick lol. Though i do wish it was a chick so i can nail it. So barney-ish.
Sunset was horrible today. Missing all the fun i had just like, 4 days ago.
Medcine is not curing me. Panadol’s making me worst. Deprive of sleep yet i can’t shut my eyes off without crying.
wtf is wrong with me .
Also, i have to give ideas on CNN day tmr. Have not even thought of a plankton. Fml.
Bah. Enough ranting. Nothing to complain.

Kids are so cute. I swear. =)

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