Every night she cries,
I died a little more each time;

So. School started.
How nostalgic. Maybe.
No change in classmates, no new classmates either.
Diff lesson, diff teacher , almost same level of fun.
Ayes i love my class =)

Today i got a very disturbing message.
Hope you’re doing well john. Its okay. life has its downs.
Whatever happen, we will be there okay!
Get well soon too auntie.
Daijoubu genki dashite
Watashi ga soba ni iru kara!

Oh yea. Speaking of which.
I started french and jap as CDS this sem.
Most people was like ‘ wa view, double language ah. Wan die isit?’
Personally, i think its the intrest level. If youre intrested, i doubt i will die.
Though i must admit, french is losing me.
Jap first lec is boring. Serious. I.Know.Everything.Taught.Already.
call me hao lian or whatever . Go ahead.
Self taught is ftw.
And did i mention the textbooks are expensives?

Today is also the release date of alot exam papers in HIHS.
So i got a couple people messaging me how they fare.
Not very good news from both the people who sms-ed me ._.
But still, you tried your best, did all you can, and i am proud of you.
Just try your best to get in the choices that you want. But if you did not, well, thats fate. And maybe thats where life wants you be be in. If thats the case, do better next time.
Cheer up over the results. No point crying over spilled milk. Pick yourself up and get the best improvement award HAHA.
Man im chim today.

Horrible day tmr. go school for 2 hr. maybe i will pon.
See how.
Bye people =)

Even though the world she loves,
It wont ever be the way it was,
And his heart of stone left hers breaking.


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