Man, funy has got like 400+ post and mine is pathetic 75 LOL.
Dashboard runaway, playground fanatics .
Today woke up at early and went swimming. Solo style.
Then went back home watch 射雕英雄传 ah.
阴阳指 bodoh.
Mom cook yong tau foo for lunch, thanks a bunch mom =D
meet felix in bus for captain ball in TP.
chyea im sporty.
I played one match only. Draw with adam’s team. 4 – 4
Then we went on to trash AS and BSC.
18-1 and 9-2 respectively.
Ownage or what
Then me and dp steal a 1.5l of drink and go toilet drink
Then we went to simei meet huiying, but not before stealing another lol
No fear for no drink sia.
Went 18chef eat. nice place, though the servings small.
Then take mrt to aljunied to huiying house below the playground
slack, play crocodile.
Dam fun man. DP is a scary la. But i also la actually HA.
Then adam came and Hy and adam went to buy cake
come back sing song.
Well, happy belated birthday huiying.
Hope you enjoy yourself today =)
And thank you sooo much for the ‘card-stick-thing’ , really appreciate it!
Cab home. 15.20$
Thats the end of today then. Tmr Aston at cathay.
Woo. money come to me baby

This is where I run out of words
That describe how I’m so damn hurt
This is where I fumble and fold
And take what I’m told

This is what I’ve got going on
This is where I belong tonight


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