Since im rotting home on a sunday <- wtf.
I decided to post,
Ytd went to play candles
Meet up with huijoo to walk around
the birds in hougang is scary as usual
Saw jemaine, wait for xueee
Then bus to punggol park
My 1$ ._.
Then it start to rain. WTF.
So we went to some HDB flat to take shelter and start playing there
Nearly set the place on fire with our 5 in 1 crackers LOL.
Then chunwee and airil come.
Play around, talk talk. Stop raining.
Went punggol park to take a walk
The air smell good man!
Went off to find elaine lijing weiting minghui with the rest of the NP people
Chitchat abit
Made fail rockets
Set the grass on fire
Well. lol.
Overall its smokey.
went home at 11
Now im rotting.
Tmr going shaun house for halo competition
Can’t wait

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