I’m feeling the desperation clinging on to me .

Like , very.
Before i get going with my ranting, i would like to start with happy things first.
Had a mini birthday celebration for chuan hui
Happy belate 17 yo!
End up i earliest to reach kovan .
Met minghui upstairs and went down to platform to meet chaunhui
Board the mrt and saw elaine. HOW 巧. not.
Went cathay get movie tix for phobia 2
Then went downstair to eat sushi.
After that we came up, took pics here and there .
Lijing came and we went up to cinema.
Had some premiere thingy upstairs.
Alot of strangely dressed people.. more like ancient-dressed people.
Horribly funny.
Went in watch the show
weiting joined halfway
So phobia.
Scary at some, but abit comedy la.
Especially story 5 haha.
I think the zombie one left the most impression on me.
L4d much?
After that went home.
Thats the end.

Now to my ranting.
Before that, some background info.
Vifind had this outing a couple days back
Its a picnic at marina barrage.
So we set off finding a nice spot to set up our mats and stuff
then theres this spot where its nice and had full view of sg flyer and stuff.
So we settled down there.
And guess what?
we got stomped for doing exactly just that .
I mean, wtf is wrong with those stompers.
If we blocking their way, god give us mouth.
It would like take less than 2 min to move our stuff up to the grass
Rather, this ray motherfucker spent 1min taking a pic, 1 min uploading to the com, 1min uploading to stomp , 1 min typing those riddiculous words and 1 min to post.
Fuck? Get a life bodoh.
Whats wrong with having picnics on platforms? Then what? we picnic in sea?
I know he probably won’t be reading this but heck.
You’re just jealous cause you don’t have our delicious curry to go with our equally owning sandwiches.
Face it, you probably have no friends and all you have is your pathetic reputation in an online discussion website called stomp.
What about i stomp you instead. For hiding behind your monitor instead of going up to us and say ‘Excuse me, youre blocking the pavement. ‘
That would settle pretty much everything.
And if you guys look at the pic , we had gabage bags.
And yea, we used it
Inconsiderate my ass.
Go get some life retard.

K thats the end of my ranting.
I know im being a hypocrite as well, scolding him behind the monitor. But well, if he show up and say hey lets have a talk, i will .
Face it. Wtf is wrong with this people.
Go to stomp and see all the riddiculous thing people stomped.
Waste of internet space really.

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