How many times do we follow the very advice that we so believed in?

Yesterday was Vifind outing at Marina B.
Had alot of fun.
Met Kelvin at MRT then hop on to the MRT Huixin and SC was on
Proceed to Marina bay mrt.
God that place is ulu.
Saw JL there .
Wait for the rest to arrive.
Huiying came like 15mins later.

End up sian of waiting so we went up
Guitar solo by huiying
Nice siol =o
Dp priscilla and shili came afterwards
Took shuttle bus there
Slack fly kite and stuff
Adam mason felix came after
But huiying had to go home
So me and jl sent her to mrt
But wth last shuttle bus zao
wait like 1/2 hr for 400

dam its long
Went back play muderer
Went to catch the 9.20 400
and went home.
Not a bad day out! Enjoy it
Next outing please! haha



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