Spaces in between us

Oh hi?
Wonder if there’s really people out there reading this.
anw. Back from msia ytd.
Can’t say its not fun.
Can’t say its fun either.
More of getting wasted at 4am in the morning following a bus ride that is about freaking 10hrs.
Yep. Fun.
Singing I gotta feeling in the middle of the ride with cousins is pwning.
Shock those old peeps off their chair lol.
Gums thrown/eaten
Wasted. Really.
True to Sally’s word, i gotta bash when i reach sg
She was like ‘ i gona bash you up if you don’t bring me a gum’
And i got whack D=
But seriously, its funny how sg ban gums.
I mean like, why so seriousa ?
Maybe restrict the amount of import, but ban is abit retarded.
Urgh. i wan gums.
Tmr is vifind outing
not really looking forward to it.
No mood and the rainy season is eating me up.
Love rain when its needed,
screw them when its not.
Hypocrite much? Its reality.
K, nothing much to fill in already.
Oh, msia starbucks is expensive.
Like drinking gold. Tsk.

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