TBC retreat
Met huixin and sc and 2 other people who idk haha.
Felix sua lor, go oversleep zz
when to eat breakfast at harbour front
Then go giant buy water. Siao one, whole box.
The sun i tell you, was not kind.
The sand worst.
Boiling man! My feet hot enough to fry egg liao la
after like 20mins, buay tahan, go jump into water.
Buy beer slack . Win.
Captain ball with qh, shili, pris, felix, adam, dp , jl , sc ,celia(?).
Fun sia haha. All potential captain ball player (me included la)
Went to bath.
To my horror , i forgot bring plastic bag.
Lucky felix alot thing, so i cope one plastic bag from him.
Went eat.
Carls jr! Double bacon cheeseburgggerrr.
Top with beef chili cheese fries from both jl and felix
eat eat.
Trained home with SC, huixin and felix
Played go back jump and concentration
Felix joker i tell you. Even the most harmless game can be deadly.
To him.
Dam fun, but hand pain after like clapping for 30mins
Overall fun leh.
Now off to some temple to baibai grandfather.
Cya peeps =D

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