Its the 2nd week into the holiday already.
Time flies when we are having fun.
Okay, not really fun but more of doing nothing.
First off, teacher day celebration.
Great day, great day.
Was so glad to see the rest again. Been rather long.
Huijoo went hip LOL.
Went to find alot teachers. Man, miss them (except 1).
Went ichiban eat . Expensive, but totally worth the price.
Joo went to order some beef thingy that took forever to finish LOL
Went lenson house chillax before going home. Since he nv went to school.

Next day i follow mom to market.
All the way to kovan mart siol.
But the place is nice.
Went home bath and meet John and the rest
Just a chillax session in Starbucks .
Talk cock sia haha.

Yesterday i rotted at home.

This morning woke up to meet jude and the rest to swim.
So expected, minghui was late.
Slack more than swim la actually.
Had this urge to play the baby pool and went there
Nearly freeze to death.
But its cool afterawhile loled.
Went mac eat
camp from 11.30 to 12 for the macvalue lunch
haha despo people.
I went home to change while jude and the rest walked to the 161 bustop.
Changed, rush out to meet them, went jude house
Play slack
made yipeng.
Funny la.
Tmr i think i rotting at home lor.
Anyone jio me go out? =D

Thanks morecool for the pic.
I wanted to upload it lor. But blogger being gay.
So yep . Youre a great friend too.

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