Its sunday!
Woke up at freaking 7am today to get myself ready
Went amk to meet up with minds peeps to go botanic(SP) garden..
till it rain.
So went expo instead
Was so darn bored all the way there.
Seriously, try sitting alone in a bus and everyone else is talking.
But not to you.
And not forgetting, the smart me forgot to bring my headphone. Zai or not.
Luckly im not hungry. or it be triple the diaster.
finish up at 2.30 or so, reach home at 3
wanted to go out. but mom cancel everything so in the end i stayed at home.
Sleep LOR.
Watched how i met your mother abit,dam its nice.
Mass sms more cool.
No reason. =)
sweet holy cow gives nice HL.
More cool is great too =)

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