lol much?

Thanks more cool, bestie,fionah and jas on this.
Without your advices, i would have failed badly , lol
Just love doodling on ps nowadays.
Well, its better than doodling on other people feeling anyway =)
Step on 80 to bugis today.
Already got the feeling it gona take a year. However due to my usual nag of saving money notion i decided to reverese. Since time = money.. get it? Actually, i don’t make sense, I dun even understand that sentence myself haha, well whatever.
And wow, amazing. Halfway to bugis, the worst thing happen . Traffic jam.
I wished it was kaya. So i can eat it.
Waited dam long. In the end i got down the bus and went to the next street to find a cab.
Got it in like what? 30sec?
The unfairness. I take 30mins to find a damn cab at sengkang and at some ulu street it took 30sec.
Actually, maybe im just lucky.
The taxi driver was a nice guy. I think.
Somehow the radio was broadcasting very nice music.
That i loved last time.
Casie, nickleback and paramore.
How great.
Brings alot memory backs though.
Grin to myself like a retard while listening through and lip singing them.
Bet the uncle was like, what a weirdo.
Was hungry to the extent i could eat a taxi.
Finally reached bugis, rushed out to meet syirah.
Random awhile, then went to bugis junction to get my long sleeve formal white shirt.. thingy.
Got one for 39
Expensive shit , due to the fact i got one for syirah at 1/3 of my shirt’s price ytd
Cheap bastards.
Rush back to be a waiter.
All went well, till some random korean group came in and started gibbering.
No idea wtf they talking about though.
Maybe korean? haha.
The thing is, i thought they were chinese. so i went 几个人 .
and i got some random language i nv heard of in my entire life for reply.
So pardon my suakuness la.
Off work at 10.
Rushed home, dam tired man.
And wtf, syirah shaun and howhow went shisha.
Pangseh =(
Whatever, maybe i should jio amol to shisha one day
catch up catch up abit.
And shaun is epic fail, from what syirah say.
K whatever.
Morning ppl!


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