Siol Siol Siol Siol la.
revive much? =O
First and foremost,
Belate Birthday zhijian! HAPPY!
Lets go three days back.
Friday was the horrible one, but now its over, its unofficialy my holiday.
I just hope i pass prsp la. fucked up subject
Went to destress! Watch sneak preview of The Proposal with john tree ben and kage.
Funny and kwel. I like =D
Stay overnight at zul house, joke sia, like a somboooodee
Yesterday meet zhijian poong tao and alvin at tm to watch Where got ghost.
Wtf i gona pok soon, 10$ 10$ movie tix fly like that
Thanks zhanyi for the loan =D
Oh yea, where got ghost.
Wtf funny la. But got few parts scary. The sound effect la, mostly.
Then went lan . Joke.
k la, i going out now. stop here
Btw, is anyone blogger ‘make post’ page failing like mine? =o

3 days ago, we loathed each other.
But the kiss change everything.
3 days later i find myself brideless ,
The woman i love run away.
Thats why i am here
to propose again.

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