Megan Fox!!!

Omg. She is the hottest thing around apart from emma watson.
Watched transformer TWICE yesterday.
1st was with my pri sch classmate at amk hub
Theres this kid who was kinda spoiling. Makes me wonder how the heck he know the story lol
After the movie we chilled at coffee bean to catch up.
Went mrt to wait for kh.
Then went city hall
WAIT for nico, apparently.
So obvious la that guy. Everyone hair black suddenly one otakuwithwhitehaircomeoutLOL.
Then walk around citylink waiting for how guan who still at tampines.
LOL tio jag sia them. Go prsp lecture in the end cher nv come. So kwet
Then went suntec to the eng wah cinema (?)
Had buffet for dinner. Or rather, nuggets for dinner.
Then went in to watch transformers again.
Kinda boring after the 2nd one ._.
But yea. Megan fox is so dam dam H.O.T.
WOO! Haha. Isabel Lucas is another hot one.
Go go! G.I. Joe is next ! =D


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