Well, finally i post, or some may say anyway.
Update this few things
-> School, class outing and couple random stuff.
Schools been great. Class bonded dam fast , like so fast, one moment we dunno each other and the next we whacking each other for the heck of it .
Great to hear most of my friends in sec school is getting along well with classmates too! MEET UP GUYS. MEET UP.
School really is turning to a Lan session most of the time. Since my classmate really fit into the genre of ‘gamers’ . Seriously.
Typical speech goes like ‘ Eh after WDS Dota inhouse la!’ or ‘ PRSP end liao. CS now! Connect to my server’
Although the projects and assignment is toppling up dam fast, i still following it at a rather relax pace. Not stress or anything.
Except thursday, where all the assignment need to hand in by friday. Thursday is a day where i see most of my classmates online at 1am in the morning the nxt day LOL.
Subjects are cool, generally.
Some lecturer can be seriously boring, while others are fun
Actually most are la. except cmaths. Who like maths in the first place? =D
Well, that covers most part of school for me already.
Nasi padang and western food ftw.
Class outing last saturday
Went henderson wave! Zul suggested it
Like out of random. ‘Eh, we go henderson wave la!’
Somehow everyone agree
Met shaun at simei before setting off.
Vivo = shopping = rich people like ivy use their credits card =P
From vodka to plastic cup she pay wor.
Dam funny is , so many ppl bought chips for the apparently ‘picnic’
So end up having a tea session ._.
crap alot. Since we all really close with each other already.
I think we loudest there la, seriously. HAHA.
everyone was looking at us when we doing the group photo, everyone was like OII YOUR HEAD LA!
Sunset dam nice! and toilet trip was horrible.
I will have mai revenge, raar.
when back vivo dinner lol.
Then went to play an expensive pool game upstairs.
Wa, tree pro at pool lor.
班长act cool nia heh
All when home after that. Dam late liao.
When to eat with Darren bernice and joo ytd.
At cp libary, cus the rest of the makan places overcrowded with people.
The serving bloodey small, and expensive.
Never gona eat there again.
Camwhore with darren’s Mac.
Bernice idea, i generally don’t camwhore zomg.
But really very funnay pictures haha.

Uh. i forgot liao la. Shag out
Morning people.


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