TP week 0

Ok sorry, zihigh-ing.
So the camp ended on friday, and of course TP IIT ROCKS!
Day 1 was soso cus we dunno anyone.
Day 2 we began to bond liao, chat alot, laugh alot =)
I lazy say out leh. + i no picture !! Syirah never sent me!
But when she does, i will do a detailed blog =)
C236 pwn pwn pwn your socks!
Forced to say this: Pinhan is good

Ok edit*
Add on!
Met my coursemates at jurong point today.
I am uber early can.
Like 20mins early.
Freak the weather lmao.
suppose to watch movie, then syirah decide not to
since brithday girl say so, so like that lor
me and heng guang went to find cake for her while ivy and lenard went to tuo time for us.
in the end ate at pizza hut. The staff there damn good sia, atmostphere and everything there
Good job peeps =)
went ntuc get our mixer
Apple juice grape juice and 7-up.
Went ntu to lenard’s room.
Vodka rum wine.
huat ah
Got almost drunk. luckly not
And cab home
Great days guys, thanks huh =)
Happy belated to syirah again =)

Me and ivy

Me ivy and heng guang

Ciao ciao

To cheryl: uh , LMAO


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