Sentosa , birthday

Yosh people.
I decide to blog since i has photos of the sentosa trip@ 8 april
So we went sentosa.
Er. met ivan at mrt then saw junhan there
then went meet joo at habour front mrt
then find koontat and wanting in vivo
wait for others
Koontat kena scammed for laptop haha
Darn funnny alot of jokes and random stuff
Then jemaine xueee came
afterthat came malvin chunwee airil junhan
waited for awhile, alvin came along with elaine and lijing
So off we went to sentosa.
Minghui still at house at that point of time lolol
walk around the beach, played volleyball
then 1 touch ruby
then random activities
went swimming with minghui but i stopped after awhile
cannot tahan the smell of the sea
so i just trapwater around the area while chatting with airl chunwee joo malvin
like weirdos la. trapwater in the middle of the sea chatting nonsense. Lol.
So crap around, pull lijing to water and then fight with joo underwater lol
不知不觉3pm liao. so we went bath
after that go back vivo makan .
The end. Haha
I shall post only one picture, the group photo

OK, today.. oh no. yesterday* was my birthday
so happy birthday to me lol
Thanks everyone who wished me happybirthday =D
From facebook , msn, blogs, sms, face to face, phone calls
you guys make my day
Thanks and thanks and thanks again
Due to Jason repeatly attempt to stop me from blogging about today
i shall only say this
Escape is screwed and Rocky Master cheese cake and tiramisu pwn asses =D
Thanks for the greetings again!


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