March 23

You ask why i post date for mai post title. Well cus the date for my blog is screwed =D
Ok , update about my life.
1) Holiday is over ( or rather, holiday for school people)
2) I spent those days like how i spent the last 3 months
3) I am black…
4) I am hopelessly broke.
Ok , enough of breif summary , haha
Went swimming last tuesday, thursday
1st was with zhijian poong alvin jiayong
2nd was with Joo minghui ivan
Swim laps for both.
Although with minghui they all i swim 30 laps. while with zhijian they all only 20
I training my stamina! Aiming 40 nxt time i go!
Or at least finish 2 laps of freestyle…seeing that i can’t even mantain 1 =(
Today woke up early in the morning to cycle
met the rest of the peeps at lenson house
Off we go!

Hougang – East coast

Nothing much happen, except minghui almost fall down . That uncle was walking left right left right so minghui also left right left right, HAHA.
Lenson chiong uber fast. Got a time where he and ivan chiong on road and me and minghui cannot catch up due to sudden traffic ._.
So we kinda got lost, since both of us dunno the way, so we just go straight and found Ivan and lenson lol.
But thats before minghui almost fall down la.

East coast

Also nothing much leh. Except we couldn’t find the underpass at first and had fun finding it.
Then we cycle to the hawker centre to refill our drinks.
Lenson dunno we stop there so he went on ahead , so me ivan and minghui was like ‘eh lenson leh’
So we heck care him, lol.
Bought our drinks. Sat down to rest for abit and move on.
During which minghui caught his eye on the sandcastle and went to take a picture of it.
We caught up to lenson at Outwardbound Singapore .. or rather he waiting for us there.
Went on to changi airport next.

Changi airport – Changi village

Three words-> Treacherous , holy cow
Its long..and the sun is not very kind.
I think we cycle on that road for ….15mins?(<-ivan say one)
Omg la. Its like Xkm of road with no ending
Finally reach Changi beach in like after dunno how long of cycling that *&(@$ road
No rest! chiong ahead!
After 3/4 into the trail, minghui and lenson stop to take some artistic shots of trees with bicycle.
Then finally reach changi village.

Changi village

We ate subway.
Need more words?
Ok. I order subway meltz .. the cheese is perfectly melted.. the bacon wonderfully cooked… the sm- ok i stop before cheryl kill me.
Oh, and ivan got a spider swimming in his barley.
Rest for about 45mins or so before going off to pasir ris/tampines

Changi village – Tampines

Lenson brush his hand against a moving lorry, hence a big cut
That lorry is ^&*( la. Lenson nearly die down there. Heng.
Also another long journey.
And once more, Ivan and lenson flew too fast.
Left me and minghui behind wondering where they went
Saw them at a random busstop resting lol


Ivan went simei to go Changi hospital, while me minghui and lenson took off to Tampines cycling trail as minghui never go before
I ain’t gona kill myself by riding that trail so i wait for them at the highest point of tampines xD
I built a tempo shelter while waiting as the sun is omgwtfbbqstingrays
Minghui had a bad fall while going up the slope =O
After like 1hr of oven-ing , they finally finish
So off we go to a nearby kopitiam to refresh ourself
Slack abit here and there. Random chats about laptops and off we go

Tampines – Hougang

Usual road. Nothing much to say. Its a road that i ride till don’t want ride already.LOL .


Lenson and minghui both wash their bike while i watch
After half an hour or so i ride back home .
-p.s Cheryl dunno where is she so = no cookie HAHA –
So after 15mins of chionging , i reach home
Tired to the max!
An estimation of 50km(<-lenson say one) covered . Thats almost one lap of singapore la
HAHA. Swimming tmr! Hope i can tahan

Lenson the gaystrong man

The dao-ism picture!

Lenson the strong man again! But actually is me minghui and ivan using the force to help him la. =D


Cheryl is stupidly evilKind smart and kawaii !!


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