12 march 2009

I realise i haven’t been blogging for quite awhile
Ok, this few days for me is horribly bored
Spammed swimming though
Went on sunday and went on tuesday again
I am officially over-tan-ed(is there such word?)
Also swimming with minghui can cause severe cases of drowning
So everyone becareful!

Today is 6th ani for tbsf
Happy ani then =D


Just reach home! Went to watch Suspect X aka Yogisha X no kenshin with val , like finallyy!
Its nice, like the critics say
Keeps one in the chair haha!
Just nice plot, with the right amount of suspense , romance, laughter .
Its also different from Galileo series, cause i can’t figured out what happen xP
Also, Maths genius VS physics genius. Nice.
Smart people are really unpredictable sometimes
Its good to stay noob sometimes afterall!
OK, nights


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