Hello. I am suppose to be out now. But due to certain reasons ima not.
So sorry val =/
Went cycling with lenson and ivan
Cycle @ the Tampines cycling trail (again)
We went to the official course for the mountain bike competition held on last sun/sat(?), which lenson took part in
How to say.. it was .. very dangerous. And muddy.
At first it was oh-so-simple tracks
After we reach the forest trail, it was kinda obvious it was not oh-so-simple afterall.
Upon reaching the ‘highest point’ of the trail, it was breathtaking
Except the sun is freaking hot.
Took some pics, random around
And began the 2nd half of the trail.
Equally dangerous.
Or rather, more dangerous
since its downslope, and the tracks are rocky and have pipe hidden under them
Somehow me and lenson made it down safely
While Ivan is nowhere in sight
At first we thought he ia lagging behind, so we thought nothing about it
Then around 3-4mins later we began to get worried.
After taking a free bottle of mineral water from a kind uncle, lenson cycle up the track to find him.
Only to fall down.
Finally we saw ivan, and apparently he fall down too.
Cycle back to Ivan ahgong’s house to wash our bike
Then cycle back home
Tiring. omg
Couple of pics

Our bikes

My fail attempt at Panorama ._.

Some stand i took. Obviously edited

Upon reaching home, played guitar hero for abit.
After that talk with couple of ppl in msn.
More cool was teaching me how to use photoscape lol,she uber zai one.
Then both of us realise the sky is yellow, so i told her the sunset will be uber nice
So she took a pic of the clouds and sent me
This is my edit, her one is nicer lo.

The sunset. Picture credit goes to Cheryl.

Ok, ciao ppl!


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