Its been a rather ‘go out ‘ week for me.
Mostly is due to the poly registration thing anyway .
Its pure retarded, do so much to go school
Well. Monday i got my form
so i geikiang go do the online registration without reading the small print
After doing, i realise i only have 4-5 days to hand in the whole freaking thing
That kinda got me nervous ._.
Thanks joo for helping me throughout the registration cus i apparently can’t read .
Tuesday met jude and joo for checkup at SATA AMK.
Crowded like wow
And the bad thing is, i kinda never bring my part 1 of the medical form.
End up going to the Library and spend freaking 5$ to print the stupid 7 paper form.
Went back and procceed with the checkup.
Went Amk Hub for lunch after that , then went home
Wednesday went for breifing for work, and did abit of work there.
Nothing special. Usual boring routine.
Thursday met up with Joo and Jude and Lenson again to go back SATA collect the report.
They collected, but mine need collect at 3 ._.
And its only 11am then. So i am like wtfbbq
And the usual rants of ‘ LEARN TO READ LA VIEW’ =(
Ok, its my fault that i can’t read =D
So we waited for lenson to finish his checkup
Met elaine and clique there.
So went for lunch together
Been long since we chat with them, so alot crappy jokes
At first wan go New York eat.
Looking at the price, we deicide for Fish&co
And then no space there
So we went next door to the Ichiban sushi
Me jude lijing and weiting had the save-money notion, so we all order the cheapest meal there.
While rich ppl like lenson ate a much more expensive meal.
After doodling around, we went back
Waiting for Lijing they all to finish their checkup, while i went to collect my report as its 3.
Went jude house to play guitar hero after that
Fun sia =D I wanna go again sometimes =D
I stayed home at friday =D
Sat met zhijian again for morning run
Then meet him and alvin at 2 at orchard to find the stupid shop
Thanks to mushroom instruction, we reach Fareast plaza
And walk walk and got lost =D
Well, can say it was fun
Its since forever ago i went to Orchard.
After almost giving up hope,
Huiqin appear
Then she say OH I KNOW WHERE!
So we follow lao da
And we found it!
Thanks huiqin =D
Went mogu mogu eat
Weird name
I order curry katsu don (again)
And all their song Ai Otsuka de lor!
Not complaining, cus its nice =D
Alvin ate sashimi without soysause in his wasabi!
So zai omg
If its me, i would need 2 bottle of mineral water to do that =D
Went to Chinatown after that to look at otaku stuff
I bought mai rain ring , since i kinda lost my last ring =(
But its cheaper than the one i bought at suntec
Went home after that
Oh, i preordered Taiga’s kantana xP
So watch out! =D
Sunday went for facial
And i pwn Jas at word game =D
And i got a new friend call Stone the wall
And i love Cherryblossom
heehee =D
Tmr going watch galileo movie with val
Look forward =D
Good luck to CT and Val for the exams then!
Byee =D


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