Game review!

Forget lenson!
This is the real deal!

Hello people! Ima here again
Thanks to Joo encouragement, i decided to do my first ever game review!
Pardon any spelling/grammar error then! Its a blog afterall =D
Ok, what game we doing you say?
Well, its the world wide awaited game
Monolith and WB games combo-ed together to give us fear a few years ago,
So now, here’s the sequel , F.E.A.R 2 (duh)
But, as of my previous post,
Ima getting the actual game on Fri, so what we have here is actually the DEMO.
You can get it from gamespot if you’re curious =D


Well.. its not like we care anyway, do we =D

So the story line..
There’s this cute and pretty young lady by the name of Alma.
Yes she’s cute kay (despite 3/4 of the gaming world pee their pants at the sight of her)
Well. There she is!

Isn’t she totally kawaii? =D
Apart from her totally werid character of blowing people out of window
She can summon her ‘sidekicks’ named nightmares..
Will post one picture of it later.
And she can totally mince a person
Scary huh .
Well. The good thing is, Alma isn’t exactly harsh on you.. or rather the character u be playing as.
Except give you abit nightmare and visions of the town burning..

Well, in Fear 1, it shows Alma contributing to the destruction of her hometown with a atomic bomb.
Funny how games nowadays enjoy using Nukes as the weopon of ‘ WORLD WIDE DESTRUCTION -insert evil laughter – ‘
Well. A scene of the nuke blowing up..

Well its red isn’t it..
Notice 1/2 the game will be rather red.. being in ‘Alma’s vision of death’
Sound pretty scary huh, but i am laughing off when i first play

Well, this is the HUD
For most FPS playes, you should know what a HUD is.
Its like something where you can see your health , ammo.. stuff like that..
I like the ‘future look’ of the HUD interface
Like some high tech soldiers from the year 2222 or something, haha

This is the SLOWMO mode in Fear.
It has been around since Fear 1, and even in FEAR combat, their online shooter.
Well, it has been useful.. except for the fact the gauge went down pretty fast and you will have a sense of ‘jet lag’ or sort.

The amazing blood spill by a shotgun shot.

What i like too, is how they infuse the story to the shooting part real well.
With your lost ‘comrades’ finding Alma respectively to get murdered by her.
Also, piece by piece, the mystery of Alma and her life would be revealed through her ‘Other-worldly’ vision.

Alma’s psychic. Dangerous. Imagine all those fly toward you instead.

Nightmares, Alma’s sidekicks.

Ah, J.Fox. One of the ‘comrades’
I think he got possessed or something o.o

Him getting murdered ._.

His remains ._.

This is one of Alma ‘s vision..
The shadow is apparently her

This is another feature!
Choose weopon and granades with ease. With pictures too!

Her.. shadow..

And it leads to..

To warp it off, a nice headshot from me =D
Look at the blood !
Fallout got better headshots though . And of course weirder physics.

OK, that kinda end my review.
I might make another when i get the actual game
So look out for it!
Thanks for reading! BYE!

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