Window live went bonkers.
So did blogger . For awhile.

Prac rot at home this few days.
Fear 2 coming,
I wan alma , i wan i wan i wan =D
But like 1/2 of the gaming world is afraid of her.

And yes, apparently i went to download the new msn live as the old one is giving me problem.
Hate to give up the skin and all but.. i hope it turns out well.
O , some random pics

Talk about pro huh more cool? =D

And .. aki.. the sickest girl you can possibly imagine.
Things upcoming.

Fri buy fear 2 ._.
V.day.. well. -disclose-
June cosplay..
And.. 5th bsf ani
And of course.. market with mom tmr.

Well. At least get to buy some fav food tmr!
Ciao ppl,
Good night =D

If you can shut the hell up and listen close.
Because everyone has a limit to all.
And my patience is running out on you.


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